Creating a Fund of Funds (FdF) is what an Endeavor study proposes, made with the support of the ACVC.

The paper proposes that the entity be a public-private mix with the State acting as a limited partner -a partner that contributes, but with restrictions- and the administration is executed by an independent professional manager, selecting venture capital funds. The objective is to have financing for startups in higher stages of growth, something that does not exist in Chile today.

This FdF could mobilize around US$ 600 million in the Chilean ecosystem, which would allow the empowerment of 80 startups and scaleups with global reach. With this economic and social impact of about US$ 2 billion could be achieved.

The initiative has its base on a minute made by the ACVC delivered in 2018 to the Ministry of Economy. In it, the scope and impact that an FdF can have was already evident.

Here you can read the study and see the note that PULSO dedicated to the report


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