Güil Mobility Ventures


Sitio web:www.guilventures.com
Fund: Güil Ventures Fund
Target Size:Co-Investing in rounds Series A and Series B. (Ticket Min. 500K-3M)
Fund Managers:Bruno Serrano
Objetive of the Fund:The objective of our fund is to invest in startups related to new mobility trends, with a primary strategic focus for the Kaufmann Group, which can benefit from synergies with the Group's markets and companies. In geographical terms, we seek startups that have a focus on all of Latam. Finally, we seek investments of impact (economic, social, and environmental).
Sector / Industry:Our focus is 100% on mobility, understood as the movement of people and goods, as well as its enabling technologies. We are interested in trends like mobility as service, smart logistics, and electromobility, as well as enabling solutions such as fintech, and IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, among others.
Value Added:Güil allows you to leverage the assets and market access of the Kaufmann Group, which has a very relevant position in the markets of buses, vans, and trucks by being an exclusive dealer of the Daimler Mercedes-Benz brands, with presence in Chile, Perú, Panamá, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. In addition, being a company builder, Güil has a great team of 100% experts and entrepreneurs dedicated to different edges and mobility markets, so we operate as an accelerator of the inverted startups.


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