Links of interest

Links of interest

In this section you will find links that are related to our industry and may be of interest:

Investment analysis platform in VC, PE and Mergers and Acquisitions. Research in companies, agreements, financing and investors throughout the investment cycle.

Information platform for investors with the latest trends in disruptive technologies. Intelligent VC analysis platform, startups, patents, agreements and news among others, projecting information for investors, companies, etc.

Company that analyzes entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world, delivers local information to entrepreneurs such as regulatory framework, access to advanced human capital, rankings, etc.

News platform about technology businesses, startups, VC and Silicon Valley. Information platform about investments, investors, opinion leaders, mergers and acquisitions, industry trends, news, etc.

Worldwide directory of fund administrators, angel investors, private equity and other investment entities.

Information platform on initiatives and support instruments (credit and subsidy) of the Chilean government agency, under the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, in charge of supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness in the country.

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