Fund managers of Venture Capital form guild

They add investments of more than US $ 350 million, and expect to triple the figure by 2020.

The key is to get involved in the companies where they invest, says Rodrigo Castro, president of the recently launched Chilean Venture Capital Association, which brings together 7 managers. The industry in Chile manages 15 investment funds for about US $ 350 million.

The venture capital, widely spread in the world (only in the US moves US $ 165 billion), is relatively new in Chile. It started in the middle of the last decade, and with Corfo leverage, they manage to raise private capital to support innovative projects in different economic areas of the country. “From here the next Facebook could come out perfectly,” says Castro, just before leaving for the US. to meet with their peers.

The association is made up of Magma, Alaya Capital Partner, Manutara, Genesis Ventures, Mountain Nazca, RaiCap and Nxtp Labs, and Carey supports them.

The expectations, says Castro, is that by 2020, venture capital, beyond being part of an “entrepreneurial ecosystem”, is transformed into an industry and moves around US $ 1,000 million in funds. And for this, that institutions like the AFPs can invest is key. “Today we see the SVS, the Corfo, but we need the Super Pension to look at us and regulate,” says the president of the union.

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