The ACVC was part of the number 100 of the supplement of innovation of El Mercurio

The ACVC was present in the special edition of El Mercurio innovation body that held its number 100, through the opinions of: Francisco Guzmán, President of the ACVC; Magdalena Guzmán, Executive Director of the ACVC; Varinka Farren, Executive Director of Hub Apta; Antonia Rojas, partner of the ALLVP Mexican Fund; Roberto Musso, founder and president of Digevo; Cristián Campomanes, IncubatecUfro Manager; and Macarena Liu, Portfolio Manager from Chileglobal Ventures of Fundación Chile.

“The regulator has a key role for entrepreneurship. On the one hand, it must implement the rules that allow new actors to enter and operate in regulated markets. On the other, the regulation should also have a focus on encouraging innovation, Granting adequate incentives for more competitive markets, with new actors – both entrepreneurs as investors – fostering this type of activities and the development of technological ventures “/ Francisco Guzmán

“Chile is rapidly becoming a pole of relevant innovation within the region and the world. It is no coincidence that in the last generation of YCombinator there would be four Chilean” / Antonia Rojas

“And at a broader level, I think we learned (with the pandemic) to raise the why my startup exists and how to capture value, are questions that are worth becoming in these high-change environments. How to get adapting to the environment needs “/ Roberto Musso

“In Chile, we experienced a transit process from an ecosystem to a venture capital industry. We are maturing, and we have shown to give the width for years. However, there are gaps to be shortened. Startups must scalar very quickly and require more capital to achieve it “/ Magdalena Guzmán

“We have the infrastructure in connectivity, which places us between the countries of Latin America with great potential for the attraction of technological investors, which has resulted in the landing of leading companies such as Huawei, Google, Amazon, and Oracle. In turn, work Apta has allowed me to see how academy-company linking has urged international firms to connect with university capabilities, I & D center, providers and local startups “/ Varinka Farren

“Business incubators are one of the main promoters of entrepreneurship and innovation in the regions since we have fulfilled roles that go far beyond incubating projects. Among others, we have generated culture, developed networks, open spaces, cultivated innovation, and entrepreneurship in various organizations within and outside the region, in addition to attracting and managing funds for the support of entrepreneurs “/ Cristián Campomanes

“Today is more important than ever that accelerators and incubators can relieve the value they contribute in the ecosystem, making visible the impact they generate in the startups they support. We need more successful cases that evidence the enormous entrepreneurial potential that seeks to address the demands of innovation of the productive sectors “/ Macarena Liu

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