Fintech: new regulation, opportunities, and challenges


Promote a regulation that not only regulates, if not that I also encourage the fintech was the conclusion of online conversational “New regulations, opportunities and challenges”, organized together by the ACVC and FinteChile (Fintech Association of Chile).

On the occasion, the invited panelists, together with Francisco Guzmán, President of the ACVC, analyzed the current panorama of the Fintech bill, commenting on its implications, scope, and opportunities.

“The more financial inclusion, the bigger the cake is made,” said Angel Sierra, Executive Director of Fintechile talking about the current state of the sector in the country. If this happens it becomes virtuous, he added, since “as there is competition there is also collaboration.”

While regulation still does not see the light, many things are already being done, so the regulation becomes urgent. “It lacks the sector to continue growing and getting more robust,” said Francisco Guzmán.

María Ignacia Jofré, the Co-founder of Clay and Director of FinteChile, coincided but added another point. “This is being given the same, but it has been delayed because we do not have a regulation that drives and motivates the sector,” she said.

While Tomás Zavala, Corporate Manager of Consortium, referred to how the corporate world has been opening to this sector; an intersection that will growth strongly over time.

Angel Sierra coincided at this point. “Even the government will hire fintech in the future,” he said. But he noticed that for this to occur more vehicles to bring investment to the sector, both to develop it and to generate confidence. And here the Venture Capital will have an essential role.

The experts agreed that regulations and financing have to go hand in hand to make the sector take off. “Chile has everything to be a leader in the world of the fintech,” María Ignacia Jofré said.


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